Neil Nathan is an education expert who designs and facilitates professional development workshops for thousands of teachers and school administrators across the country. Neil currently builds the capacity of schools to design and align their curriculum to the new Common Core State Standards.

Neil graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Economics and moved to New York City, where he simultaneously began his careers as a singer songwriter and humanities teacher. While at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, Neil directed a nationally renowned arts education program and was featured on the cover of American Teacher Magazine. After 10 successful years in the classroom, Neil was trained by the New Teacher Center and became a mentor to first year teachers in schools both high functioning and high needs. He was quickly promoted to Lead Mentor and was tapped to design and facilitate the professional training for his mentor colleagues. Since then, Neil has trained educators at esteemed conferences across the country alongside best selling education authors Grant Wiggins, Rick Wormeli, and Diane Heacox.

Neil is currently an Instructional Coach, training teachers to build the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for students to achieve the college and career readiness the Common Core State Standards are calling for. He works closely with teachers to infuse more non-fiction texts into their instruction and help students cite evidence from these texts to develop and defend their opinions. He also helps teachers to build reading comprehension, analysis, and narrative writing skills in their students.

Neil is currently writing his education memoir in which he shares his expertise on how to improve teaching and fix America’s schools, having successfully worked in some of the highest performing and highest needs schools in the nation.

Neil has also found success as a singer songwriter. His songs are spun weekly on Sirius/XM’s The Coffeehouse and have been featured on Showtime’s Californication Soundtrack, ESPN Sportscenter, NHL Live, San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park, Return starring Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon & Mad Men’s John Slattery, and Descent starring Rosario Dawson. Neil has scored independent films and produced and advised numerous artists for his record label, Pirate Vinyl.

He’s also had great success building buzz and growing their fan bases through the implementation of cutting edge internet marketing strategies. He’s had extensive experience using the Topspin Software Platform, the leader in audience growth and management used by both musicians and authors.

“Neil Nathan might not be a household name, but we’re adding a big fat “yet” to the end of that statement.”- Flavorpill

“Has a talent that cuts to and through the heart.” – Philadelphia Daily News