YOUR EXPERT NATION offers a more diverse range of services than any other marketing firm that specializes in publishing. Browse the sidebar for a detailed listing of our services with links to some of the many experts involved.

YOUR EXPERT NATION can provide all elements of a marketing and publicity campaign, including:

  • Marketing , including Strategic Planning and Next Steps

  • Publicity

  • Branding and Messaging

  • Author Videos

  • Online Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Website

As well as the category, editorial and production/design skills our league of Experts can bring to a campaign.

In addition, below you’ll find a selection of the UNIQUE services offered by YOUR EXPERT NATION, created in response to our clients’ needs. 

Please contact to discuss your  launch status, campaign goals, budget, and YEN SERVICES of interest.

Campaigns begin at $12,000, and the fee is determined by the mix of Experts/services included.  A single service might be as low as $7500, depending on the service and project deliverables.



YEN has created this service for publishers with vibrant lists, to support you when titles are gaining traction and your teams must turn their attention to the next season’s books.  When supplied with all necessary info and directives by your team, Marketing and Publicity veterans experienced in working with authors would continue the strong dedication to that title’s success.


Get conversations going with your readers where they spend their time while you build your visibility — and brand.
Social media is tricky. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest — which one does your target audience prefer? Which one is right for you? Best practices differ for each platform. You should be on the one that matches your audience — and the one you will enjoy.
Using social media effectively means more than “setting up a page.” You need to know how to create great posts, when and how often to post, how to converse and attract a following, how to best use your platform for research and networking — and how to do this effectively and still leave time for writing your book.  
YEN’s Experts have experience working on all of these platforms and can help you find the best one(s) for you.
The deliverables for this unique service include private one-on-one coaching, via Skype or phone. It is generally a three-month service, and is recommended at least a year before release date. 


YEN will handle the more technical end of social media for select authors.  The client provides the content which the YEN expert edits and posts on the author’s established accounts.


Social media may get the buzz but “email marketing beats all other marketing methods in terms of return on investment (ROI).” (Harvard Business Review)
Email is the most direct and valuable way to communicate with your readers.   Each email costs pennies; you can tell who has opened and clicked within 24 hours; you control timing, message, creative, and the relationship. And you can link to wherever you want to send the email’s recipients.
Deliverables can include account and list setup, template creation, and multiple campaigns over several months including results analysis and optimization.


With one million books released each year, per Forbes, both agents AND publishers are on the lookout for authors who will be strong partners in their own success.
YEN created this service so that every writer or publisher can have the opportunity to work with a publishing veteran who has attended countless acquisition meetings and sales conferences to develop a strategic document which will persuasively position that author based on his/her credentials and promotional arsenal, aligned with the target audience for his/her book. The author, agent or publisher would use this AUTHOR AS MARKETING PARTNER document  to accompany a Proposal or to inform a Sales Sheet.


Online ads are now the most cost-effective way to reach readers you don’t know. Target them by age, gender, location, genre, profession, keywords and keyword phrases, and even by similar books and authors.
Through testing and optimizing, YEN has conducted online ad campaigns that have sustained clickthrough rates consistently better than 2% even seven months past publication!
Draw on YOUR EXPERT NATION’S years of experience advertising books to Facebook and Google AdWords users. YEN experts create the ads, target the desired audience using the latest best practices, report weekly on the ads’ performance, and optimize targeting and creative for best results.
YEN has found that most clients like to begin an online ad campaign by doing ads on Facebook. Our standard campaign is therefore now Facebook only. Google AdWords campaigns are also available, as well as coaching as part of either a Facebook or Google AdWords campaign, for an additional expense.


“Do I even need a website today?” While social media platforms are important ways to directly engage with your readers, they change all the time. What you post there disappears into the stream of new posts.
With your own website you no longer have to worry about changes on a social media platform. You control the information about you, your message, your book. You own your brand and, if set up and maintained properly, your website will be the first thing anyone who Googles you or your book will see.
Ask for our WEBSITE PROJECT MANAGEMENT service if you are a busy author who needs a website and would like an Expert to work with your website developer/designer regarding the technical aspects, insuring that the copy, navigation and functionality of your website reflect current best practices and are optimized for your book’s “discoverability.”


Help your readers get to know you — give them an incentive to keep returning to your website.
A beautiful website is useless if no one visits it. Imagine a gorgeous holiday card you never mail. Blogging has proven to be a powerful way to add new content to an author’s website. Blog posts introduce you and your work to new readers — and remind your fans why they want to keep up with you and your new work. And if you use the right category tags and keywords, you are leaving breadcrumbs for new readers who share your interests to find you organically through search.
YEN’s experts are experienced in analyzing which blogs posts engage readers and work with authors to find the right mix of content subject, length, and frequency that works best for author and audience.


Make sure the words that describe your book and its website make both easy for your target audience to discover.
“Metadata” is the least sexy yet most important word in marketing in this digital age.  Rich, accurate, and fresh metadata helps your potential readers discover you, your website, and your book whether they are asking for it in a bookstore, looking for suggestions on Amazon or any online retailer, or searching the internet for info on your topic.
Deliverables for this service include a detailed review of the descriptive metadata that will follow a book through the distribution channel — and a report on how it can be improved — as well as a review of and report on your book and on your website’s metadata and what may need to change to optimize your book and site for “discoverability.”

Additional Services from YOUR EXPERT NATION:

  • Are you a writer, a corporate executive, or a small business owner, who knows you should participate in social media but hasn’t had the time/patience to get started? Learn about THE GETTING STARTED PACKAGE!
  • Are you developing or about to launch a new product or service directed at the reading/writing or educational markets? Our experts have been in the trenches, working with the decision makers in those industries, so please contact YOUR EXPERT NATION to explore working together to maximize your success.
  • Do you need an effective website for your career or business goals? See our WEBSITE DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT PACKAGES.
  • About to pitch your work to an agent or a publisher and know it should be accompanied by a winning marketing plan? Visit the MARKETING PLANNING SESSION
  • Have you got a publisher and pub date set (whether with a traditional house or via self-publishing) and want a marketing and/or publicity plan/expert to supplement that team and seamlessly work with them? See THE MARKETING LAUNCH PROJECT.
  • Are you an author with backlist titles no one has time to promote? Take a look at THE TIMELESS GEMS PROJECT
  • Have you got lots of fans, love engaging with them, but have to focus on writing your new book? Or have a website and wonder “Now what do I do??” Visit THE PREMIER AUTHOR PLAN to learn more!