Marketing Launch Project

Have you got a publisher set up (whether with a traditional house or via self publisher) and would like additional marketing advice and/or to have YOUR EXPERT NATION work seamlessly with your publishers team to support/build on their efforts?

Contact YOUR EXPERT NATION to arrange a MARKETING LAUNCH PROJECT with an experienced publishing professional.
What we’ll do:

  • Read your work in advance (signing any required NDAs)
  • Meet with the author in person (NYC) or via phone, to help hone the message, target the audience, determine which elements and platforms will work best for you and answer any questions you have about the publishing process.
  • Provide a suggested marketing campaign and a list of the Five Most Important Things You Should Do Right Away.
  • Meet with publishers team along with author, if requested, to hear assignments of tasks, timeline, contacts and communication process.
  • Implement assigned tasks, communicate as directed.
  • Don’t see what you need? Just ask!