The Getting Started Package

Whether you’re an author or a busy publishing executive, run your own local business, or are part of the not-for-profit community, our unique and affordable GETTING STARTED PACKAGE is for you.

THE GETTING STARTED PACKAGE is a one-on-one session with a social media mechanic. The social media mechanic is not a publishing or content expert, but a native of the social media world, ready to set you up there. Your mechanic will not simply TELL you how to do all of the tasks below, your mechanic will DO these tasks! Before the session, the client will be clearly instructed about the information and material to provide (appropriate photo, short bio, a short list of desired URLs, a few paragraphs of content, keywords and phrases . . . ) so that at the end of this four-hour session, you are set up in each major social media platform and prepared to find the one right for you!

Although we do expect to go national, at this time, this in-person service, THE GETTING STARTED PACKAGE, is offered only at our NYC office, right off Union Square. Ideally, the client should bring his/her own laptop to the session.

What The Getting Started Package Includes

THE GETTING STARTED PACKAGE is a four-hour session which includes:

  • Reserving domain name(s)
  • Setting up a LinkedIn page
  • Establishing Twitter account and reviewing protocol, how to use Twitter effectively, how to build network
  • Creating a Facebook business page and (if a personal FB page is requested, advice on privacy settings, public/private messages) advice on building a network, adding pictures/music/videos/links, sending event invitations, adding FB app to Blackberry or smart phone.
  • Discussion of options like connecting Twitter to LinkedIn (for instance) so single posts go more places
  • Short tutorial on how to use FB, Twitter and LinkedIn efficiently for research, regardless of which platform will ultimately be the best focus for you.
  • How to use YouTube to put up videos and integrate them into FB, LinkedIn, Twitter

THE GETTING STARTED PACKAGE is just that, setting up an account and a good-looking page in each space, and an introduction to the basics of each platform. It’s the launch pad for getting familiar with each platform, how to use each for research, seeing how your peers or competitors are using them, and discovering which feels most comfortable for you to use to engage with your audience.

Beyond The Getting Started Package

After this short period, it would be the right time to set up in-depth marketing consulting sessions with YOUR EXPERT NATION regarding your particular work and campaign. During the series of in-depth marketing sessions, a publishing and social media expert will help discern the best platform for you, given your target audience, your message, your goals, and which platform feels most comfortable to you, then schedule a deep dive into using the social media tools right for you with a Marketing Planning Session

Of course, one of the goals of social media is to bring your audience or potential customers to your website, where you’ll have a greater opportunity to engage. YOUR EXPERT NATION is available to create high-impact websites, geared to the goals of each author or small business.