Bridget Marmion, Founder

YOUR EXPERT NATION is a full-service marketing firm that does something different. Veteran Marketing Director Bridget Marmion will assemble a unique team based on each client's needs, to work together on a coordinated campaign. Team members will use both the timeless and the newest tools to connect writers and readers in the most effective way.

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Publishers of all sizes – and their authors – have worked with us in a wide variety of ways, including campaign strategy and development, social media coaching, publicity, brand marketing, content development, online advertising, website and video development, outreach to reading groups, and metadata reviews.

YOUR EXPERT NATION is proud to be working with Jacques Sardas on the launch of WITHOUT RETURN: Memoirs of An Egyptian Jew 1930-1957

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We do occasionally work with authors who are self-published. The services we offer self-published authors include strategic consulting, social media coaching, online ad campaigns, website design/development, and author video creation.

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